• Pale Horse Defense (PHD) CCW Course costs $175.00 + Tax and Range Fees. The course includes15 hours of State mandated instruction and FREE use of any of PHD's firearms.(Ammunition is NOT included).

  • Pale Horse Defense, LLC developed the concealed weapons training program in accordance with New Mexico Department of Public Safety (NMDPS) policies. 

  • The CCW Course covers ethical considerations; criminal and civil ramifications, to include jury guidelines; can and can’t carry locations; dealing with police; disparity of force considerations, and many more topics. 

  • Normal class schedules are Saturday classroom (hours vary) with shooting proficiency on Sunday at the range; or a Thursday and Friday evenings (hours vary) with shooting proficiency Saturday morning. Check calendar for accurate schedule.

  • Shooting proficiency portion of the class will be held at the City of Albuquerque Shooting Range Park located at 16001 Shooting Range Rd Albuquerque, NM 87120 (Click for Directions)

  • If you choose to qualify on both a revolver and a semi-automatic, these are two separate qualifications, which require 25 rounds each. 

  • Pale Horse Defense recommends qualifying with the highest caliber you are comfortable with.  



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