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Payment, Deposit & Refund Policy


1)  TERMS & CONDITIONS - Prior to purchasing any training course offered by Pale Horse Defense, you and all participants must read and agree to PHD’s Terms & Conditions.  

2)  PAYMENTS - Pale Horse Defense (PHD) accepts three forms of payment:  Checks;                                Cash and PayPal.


                        a)  Make checks payable to:  Pale Horse Defense, LLC.  Checks must be mailed to:        

                                   Pale Horse Defense, LLC

                               P.O. Box 51371

                               Albuquerque, NM 87181


                         b)  If PHD has received a deposit, the remainder of the balance will be due on the                                              morning of the class and may be paid in cash. You may pay the balance on our                                            website (See Below). The “Balance” payment option only applies to the NMDPS                                          Approved Weapons (CCW) Course at this time.


                         c)  PHD now accepts PayPal payments.  Look for the PayPal icon on the website                                      under the “Courses & Services” tab.  PayPal                                     requires you to have an account in order to use their services.  You have three                                             payment options when using PayPal:


                                        i) Pay in full –This option allows you to pay the full amount of the course.

                                       ii) Deposit – This option will allow you to make a deposit to secure a seat in                                                      class (Please see DEPOSIT section below for full details)

                                      iii) Pay Balance- This option will allow you to pay the remaining balance if you                                                  have previously made a deposit through PayPal.


                          d)   Payment in full, regardless of form of payment, is due the first hour of class. 


                          e)  Payment for the Basic Pistol Familiarization and Shooting Course & Basic Personal                                       Protection in the Home Courses are due in full prior to the start of the class.  Refund                                   applies only if PHD is forced to cancel due to minimum student requirements.  PHD                                     reserves the right to continue the class with below minimum students. 


3)  DEPOSIT - A $50.00 deposit is required to be placed on a class roster.  Please mail deposits to the above address or you may use the “Deposit” payment option if using PayPal under the Courses &              Services tab on the website (The “Deposit” payment option only applies to the NMDPS Approved               Weapons (CCW) Course at this time.)


                            a)  Please note which class dates you are requesting. 

                                Once deposit is received your name will be placed on the list. 


                            b)  Receipts will be issued through PayPal or on the first day of class.


                            c)  DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE.




                            a)  If PHD cancels the class due to being unable to meet the minimum                 student requirement of 8 students for the CCWa full refund of the deposit will be issued.         


                            b)  If, for any reason, a student cancels the class the student made a deposit for, PHD will carry that deposit to the next scheduled class.  If the student is unable to attend                                      the subsequent class, then the deposit is forfeited. 


5.  NOTE:  Specialized classes may differ in cost. 











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