Mr Joseph Wilcox

On June 8, 2014 armed citizen Joseph Wilcox lost his life in an attempt to save others. I commend his bravery and intentions. However, he made a mistake that cost him his life…situational awareness. I will not mention names of any cowards, aka “turds” in my blogs no matter the circumstances.

Mr Wilcox was standing in line at a Walmart store customer service line in Las Vegas, NV. A male coward had just entered the store behind him and fired a single round into the ceiling ordering customers to leave the store. What Wilcox didn’t know was a female turd (male coward’s wife and accomplice) had also entered the Walmart lagging behind male coward.

Mr Wilcox was unaware male and female cowards had just murdered two Las Vegas Police Officers as they ate lunch at a CiCi’s Pizza Restaurant across the street. According to witnesses the two turds were, in their deranged minds, “starting a revolution.”

When the male coward fired his weapon into the ceiling Wilcox turned to face the threat. At this time the female turd accomplice had stopped to retrieve a shopping cart. This delay caused a separation from male turd and it appeared female turd was just another shopper. Male turd continued walking deeper into the store. Wilcox drew his legally concealed carry pistol and started to pursue the coward, not knowing turd’s female accomplice was behind him. As all three individuals walked down the main aisle behind the cash registers, male coward turned into an aisle. As Wilcox turned the corner to challenge the male turd, the female coward shot him once in the back of the head. Wilcox was dead before he hit the ground. Male turd was shot and killed by police. Female turd died from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

I have no doubt Joseph Wilcox intended to challenge the coward and neutralize the threat. I would bet he did not pursue this turd thinking, “I’m going to kill this guy.” True men of courage do not go out with intentions of killing, but saving. In an effort to save as many innocents as he could, he set out to challenge a coward. He failed to consider a female pushing a cart behind the male was an accomplice in the killing spree. Tunnel vision got him killed.

The main thing we have to consider is the “man clause.” We are men. Men work for their possession and want to keep them. Men save the day and in many cases men do not think before we act. If I do this I may die? That is the one thing we should think about before deciding to engage in a deadly force situation. Obviously, I not talking about an immediate threat where you don’t have a choice. In this situation is it worth my family trying to survive without me?

A gentleman who lives less than a mile from my house heard his truck alarm going off. When he went to investigate he startled two men trying to steal his vehicle. They stabbed him to death. He could have saved his own life. Firstly why would anyone go outside to investigate a car alarm unarmed and secondly, why go outside? We’re men, we save the day but in many cases can’t save ourselves. Possessions can be replaced, you can’t be!

Here is the nutshell…if you have a choice to avoid a deadly force encounter then choose avoidance. The best way to survive a deadly force encounter is to not get in one. Always think before you act and if you feel you have no choice know your surroundings. Be situationally aware. Be safe, vigilant and God Bless.

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