Civil Suits

Civil Suits

Generally, by the time you reach the possibility of a civil lawsuit against you for using your firearm in a concealed carry scenario, the criminal investigation, if any, will be concluded. The outcome of any criminal investigation can play a large part on whether you get sued civilly. If you are sued civilly, you will be the Defendant. Defendants are served with a copy of the Complaint and a Summons. There is a tight timeline with the Complaint and you need to respond to it. If you are served with a Complaint for your involvement in any Concealed Carry situation, you should seek out legal assistance immediately. Your attorney needs time to respond to the Complaint and initiate an investigation for your defense. Be patient with the process. A civil case can wind through the courts slowly. There are three possible outcomes with a civil case – dismissal, settlement, trial. In a civil case, your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent can be treated very differently than it would in a criminal case. Your attorney can advise you regarding your options of invoking your right to remain silent in a civil case. Your attorney can also advise you of any possible counterclaims you may have against the Plaintiff.

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