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2)  Alcohol or Illegal drugs will not be tolerated during any portion of the CCW training class.  Anyone expected of being under the influence of or in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs will be removed from the classroom or range immediately.  Law enforcement will be contacted if anyone is found to be in possession of illegal drugs.  Prescription drugs or narcotics will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and assessed by the effects of the drug or narcotic.   There will be no refunds under the aforementioned occurrences. 


3)  Classroom Conduct: At PHD we enjoy our classroom time and consider it a group participation type, as well as an instructional environment.  While we encourage our clients to participate in discussions by sharing their opinions and experiences, we also must be respectful of others.  PHD will not tolerate foul language or abusive behavior towards anyone.  We believe everyone is created equal in God’s eyes.  Therefore, any negative behavior of this type will result in the party being asked to leave the class.  There will be no refunds for these types of incidents.


4)  Range portion of CCW class: “Safety” is the number one concern for all of PHD’s clients, we take it very, very seriously.  We want our clients to not only learn, but also to be relaxed and enjoy their shooting experience.  PHD’s instructors go through a step by step process to safe firearms handling.   We also understand that novice shooters are going to make mistakes, those mistakes will be corrected.  However, due to the nature the business continued or blatant mistakes will not be tolerated.  Anyone who continually commits unsafe acts or blatantly disregards the safety rules will be immediately removed from the range with no refunds. During range qualifications the “firing line” will be clearly established.  The “firing line” is where clients stand to fire at the target during practice and qualifications.  The “firing line” will be at 7 yards and 3 yards.   Firearms WILL NOT be loaded until told to do so by a PHD Instructor and loading of firearms will only be done at the firing line.   Behind the “firing line” is where clients will load their firearm’s magazines.  NO gun handing will be done behind the firing line unless clients are being called to the firing line for practice or qualifications.


5) Minimum attendance for NMDPS Concealed Weapons Course (CCW):  Minimum 8 clients - Maximum 20 clients       Minimum attendance for Advanced CCW Course:  Minimum 3 clients - Maximum 5 clients


6)  Class Attendance:   Dates for CCW classes are clearly stated on the website under the “Calendar” tab at www.palehorse-defense.comPlease do not sign up for a class if you are unable to attend the required time of 15 hours, which is mandated by the State of New Mexico, Department of Public Safety.  PHD understands that life happens.   Anyone who is unable to make the range portion of their respective class has two options: 1) attend the range portion of the following class; or 2) Pay a $100 fee per person to have a PHD instructor conduct the range portion at a range of your choosing and set up.  PHD instructors will not violate the policies set forth by the respective shooting range.  Understand that it is the individual’s responsibility to pay any fees associated with their range.  Please contact PHD prior to your class' start date, if you need to reschedule.  NO CALL - NO SHOW - NO REFUND.  


7)  Personalized CCW Instruction:  PHD understands that a classroom environment is more fun and conducive to learning if you’re surrounded by friends.  Therefore, we are willing to come to you.  Once dates and times are coordinated, just have a place to set up that is computer and projector compatible and we’ll be there.  The minimum of 8 clients still applies. 


8)  “With great power comes great responsibility,” Uncle Ben" (Spiderman).  You have a God-given right to protect yourself and family from the violence that plagues our society.  PHD hopes you never have to however, please remember your best weapon is your mind…use it!


9) PHD reserves the right to refuse service to ANYONE!


9) PHD



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