WHY $85...?


Suspicion (emotion) Suspicion is a cognition of mistrust in which a person doubts the honesty of another person or believes another person to be guilty of some type of wrongdoing or crime, but without sure proof.    


Through marketing research as well as speaking with industry professionals, I have found that the aforementioned emotion is aroused when consumers locate a deal that appears, “too good to be true.”  While this suspicion is often times warranted, in certain cases it could just be a good deal.


This brings me to the question I have been asked by several colleagues, who offer the same services as Pale Horse Defense, LLC., “Why $85....?”  Here is the answer:  Pale Horse Defense, LLC (PHD) was created as a fund raising endeavor for a local Christian School, Graceway Christian Academy (GCA) located at 1621 Arizona NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110.  GCA is a very small school that offers students an education, not only for their academic future, but also for their spiritual future.  GCA on average has about 60 – 80 registered students per year.  A school this size requires continuous support from faculty, as well as parents and goes beyond the classroom.  Many parents are unable to volunteer their time or resources, based on work commitments or other reasons, therefore financial assistance is necessary for GCA to continue.


Pale Horse Defense, LLC is my way of giving back what God has blessed me with.  Up to 50% of proceeds made by PHD goes back to the school as a monetary donation.  I have over 30 years of firearms experience.  I have over 20 years of teaching experience.  I have taught various subjects from the kindergarten level to the collegiate level.  Many similar businesses advertise that their instructors are close quarter combat experts, Navy SEALS, Army Rangers and the like.  While they have my utmost respect for their commitment and service to our country, I will not be teaching you how to assault a Taliban-guarded compound.  Nor will you learn to fend off an ISIS attack.  You will learn the mindset and skills necessary to carry a concealed weapon for the defense of your life and the lives of others…that’s it. 


So, in short, the $85 that PHD charges for concealed weapons training is, in fact not “too good to be true” it is true.     There have been many people behind the scenes that without their assistance, PHD wouldn’t exist.  These people asked for nothing in return for their hard work.  So you see the “good deal” of $85 for an average $150 class is me returning the many blessings that God has given me.  So I thank each and everyone that attends my classes or just merely checks out the website.  A special “thank you” to those behind the scenes:


  • Bernadette Irwin – helps me set up for all my classes and loves me unconditionally

  • Pastor John Adams – Mountain Springs Fellowship Baptist Church – my growth in Christ

  • David Gonzales – Best IT professional this side of the Mississippi

  • Thomas McLarty – McLarty Law Firm…all my legal stuff and business registered agent

  • Mrs Fran Rowe – puts up with my changes and helps keep my calendar

  • Kris Ricketts – who helps with range and bails me out when I’m in over my head



~Thank you and God Bless,



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